W Edwards (Edwards Towy Garage!) whose name you see re Trophies plus prominent involvement with Carmarthen Club activities won the Cardigan Club’s 2 1920’s Pentre Cwrt nr Lampeter Hill Climb events, plus took a Gold Medal in the ACU Six Days Trial in 1920, (believed the International Six Days Trial) plus a Silver Medal in the Scottish Six Days Trial. Plus took part in events at Pendine in 1920, His Great Grandson Stephen has kept the picture & medals safe & returns them to Wales after over 20 years in Australia, thanks to Stephen for permission to use the following images,  (we wd also like to identify the machine shown here).
Here is Handel Davies’s Oakland Stores at Glannant, which later became the Dodds family Tyre depot.  Handel Davies, a superb racer of his day later opened a large Motorcycle Emporium at Oxford St. Swansea, later bought by Glanfield Lawrence. (Handel is buried near his Daughter’s grave at the local Chapel)

This same wooden front is still in situ to this day, however the Shell & Colmans Blue & Robin Starch signs decorated building to its left was removed & in Bob & Nan Dodds’s Motor Tyre Depot time it became a driveway  to allow large vehicles reach the building’s rear. The Dodd family saw Bob become Welsh 350cc Grass Track Solo Champ in the final round at Coldra Farm, Newport, whilst John Mills & I watched Bob then around the 40 yrs. of age mark & despite a fall take the Championship, his son Colin also became a top Grass track racer.

Handel Davies, his daughter, & mechanic Jack. On the Brough Superior SS.80 De Luxe!, one of very first 90 bore  Broughs bought new by him from the works & sent by by LNER Rail, 30/5/1927 & later sold to a Mr. Bush on 12/5/1930!. Engine no 81994 KTCY, frame  No 591  Gearbox No 115066, above data thanks to
That Cup shown below we believe well after 1936! Eddie Stephens with ‘specs. to his right Elwyn Rees and behind him Noel Knight Snr. Carmarthen’s great organizer of so many events.
Now Back in Time! to view what was repeatedly & superbly recorded for posterity by the photographic skills of J.F.Lloyd, Carmarthen Park & the town itself was a regional Centre for Athletics, Fairs, Military Displays, Cycles & Motorcycle Racing & even Hot Air ballooning as well as its Rugby & Football.  With the kind efforts & assistance of Pat Davy plus VMCC Library & staff we canidentify at far left a 1903 Humber, next a 1903 Matchless or Excelsior, on to a 1903 BAT & on the right a 1903 Riley 2 3/4 hp. What has seemed to have been overlooked previously is that since Professional foot racers & professional cycle racers were always star attractions, & that CARMARTHEN PARK was amongst if not as many claim to have been the very first venue at which a motor cycle was used as a Pacer! ie ridden in front  of a high speed setting attempt by a cyclist who rode very close behind it.  Pacing is claimed to have been frequently used. So very much more can be discovered when visits can be made to what is after all the National Cycle Museum at Llandrindod Wells (base of several ISDT Events) in the care of David Higman & his colleagues, available data plus displayed contents are breathtakingly comprehensive from the earliest bicycles to latter day racing machines & unique materials & construction methods used, it is the largest Cycle Museum in UK whilst a great many claim it to be the largest in Europe, a visit to their excellent website can be made from here by clicking on www.cyclemuseum.org.uk
This shows the earliest Prog portion we have located whilst from a 1901 Carmarthen Park Sports Programme we can grasp 1901 was the 7th Event. Mansel Athletic Grounds Progs preceded Carmarthen Park Events.  Lord Cawdor Presided at the 1901 event, an assembly of Councillors Mayors plus VIP’s would all be listed. PROFESSIONAL FOOT RACES, were advertised at an Event Graced by Cwmmawr Brass Band conducted by T. Harris. (also available for dances!) High wire act Pereni can be seen in some following pics, plus the Balloon Ascent, followed by 2 Parachute decents made by Miss Winnie Mansfield & Mr Henry Spencer.  Veldenos was a Gymnastic Marvel team. Horizontal Bar Gymnastic entertainers were easily noted to have the same letters as Denvelos.  Silver prizes plus money rewards flowed in Foot Racing events & the secretive nobbling & betting concerning favourites is said to have been prevalent then too, nothing unearthed in that respect re pedal Cycle Races.   6 Old Pennies for admission, or 2/6p ‘half a crown’ allowed the affluent to reserve a Grandstand Seat.  I had raced pedal Cycles here Played Rugby, Raced solo Motorcycles plus Methanol fuelled Grass Track Sidecar racing machines here – AND I never knew what had gone on all those years ago. For more bread maker review go to http://www.bestbreadmakeronline.com/.